Databases is one of the topics ion project 2.

1.1. Data types for planning.

If you have an application, of which planning resource availability is a major part, you may want to consider the advice in this slideset: Efficient use of range types for e.g. appointment planning

1.2. Your (PostgreSQL) Database can do so much more

Markus Winand of Vienna Austria is an independent consultant and teacher with Databases as his major field of expertise. He has some views on what you can and should with a database in 2019.

More Than a Query Language: SQL in the 21st Century Markus Winand, Devoxx Antwerp November 2019

1.3. SEBI Pom and GitHub Workflows

Continuous integration with e.g. github is very nice to have in your project. So is sebipom, the basic pom file we use in our programming teaching. To make sebipom as parent pom accessible by github workflows, you need to add the maven repository to the pom file. It is actually copying a part of the maven settings file to the pom file.

Make sure you maven.yml file is configured for Java 11, not the default, Java 8.

Typical pom file tweaked for github workflows
<project xmlns=""
    <repositories> <!-- 1-- >
    </repositories> <!-- 2 -->

1 begin and
2 end of what you need to add.

You can then run your project locally with mvn -P fx javafx:run and build it with continuous integration on github the usual way..